Video Works for Spaces - About



  • Video Works for Spaces is the place where video art, made by unique digital processing, meets office, virtual and living spaces, elevating environments to become more vibrant, open and contemporary.

  • The work is led by award-winning video artist Guli Silberstein, based in London, with almost 20 years of experience, offering personal attentive work, from a selection of existing works, to bespoke work made specifically for clients.

  • The videos can be installed as projections, TV monitors or sculptural installations, anywhere in business or private spaces: lobby, entrance halls, hallways, offices, meeting rooms, conferences, gardens, domestic areas, etc. And used online, in websites as well.

  • Work would be accomplished and delivered to the highest level, adopted to all budget needs, and can be adapted and cropped to specific location and projection conditions. Advice can be provided for setting up video projections/streaming/installations to achieve maximum audio-visual quality.

  • Our focus is on moving image, believing in its power to create richer, livelier, more dynamic spaces.

  • The moving works encourage productivity and innovation, adding sparkle, light and joy to any space, with the option of purchased video works being a terrific art investment.